VApril is a campaign that runs every April in the UK to help raise awareness of the benefits of vaping and supports smokers in making the transition to a healthier alternative.

As brand owner and manufacturer of the UK’s most recognised vaping brand, Supreme are committed to supporting smokers in making the switch to vaping. We are proud to provide high quality, affordable, and easily accessible vaping products to online and retail outlets across the country, along with all of the assets available to increase sales.

There are over 80 flavours in our 88vape range, and a further 23 available exclusively online at We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of flavours to help smokers on their VApril journey and make the switch.

Over 10,000 customers now stock 88vape, and you can join them too! Click here to contact us and open a trade account. 

Find out more about our key flavour categories below;



With the menthol cigarette ban [LINK:] coming in to effect in May 2020, many smokers are now looking for an alternative. Across all of our 88vape flavours, Menthol Chill comes out at the top of the sales charts both online and in store. A firm customer favourite for a reason, the icy menthol flavour is reminiscent of menthol cigarettes that once were.

The rest of our Menthol range is just as popular amongst 88vape customers and a perfect introduction to vaping for lovers of menthol flavours.

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Top Menthol Flavours

  1. Menthol Chill (6mg) – S13086 – Click here
  2. Menthol Chill (3mg) – S15465 – Click here
  3. Menthol (16mg) – S8410 – Click here



Often smokers like to move away from the traditional cigarette flavours when making the switch to vaping, and what’s not to love about a fresh, fruity vape flavour? Whether you are partial to a sweet berry or a tangy fruit punch, our 88vape range has something for everyone and is one of our most popular flavour categories. The sharp, sweet flavours make the transition from smoking to vaping a fun and flavourful experience for all. Don’t know where to start? Check out our top selling fruit e-liquids…

  1. Fusion (6mg) – S13371 – Click here
  2. Raspberry Ripple (11mg) – S13084 – Click here
  3. H-Blue (6mg) – S13006 – Click here



The 88vape Tobacco range focuses on taking the traditional tobacco flavour that smokers are use too and adding a little something special to help smokers make the switch. With more than 20 combinations of tobacco flavours and strength, there is something for everyone across the 3 key 88vape ranges.

  1. Rolling Leaf (16mg) – S8403 – Click here
  2. Rolling Leaf (11mg) – S8402 – Click here
  3. Maidens (16mg) – S8400 – Click here


To find out more about our vaping range, shop online or visit the 88vape blog here.