Happy Global Recycling Day!

One of the latest recycling achievements of Supreme PLC is our Vape Recycling bins that are in over 700 B&M Retail stores.
The scheme is the first of its kind to appear in the entire estate of a nationwide retail chain, whereby consumers can dispose of their used vapes, with organisers saying the campaign will ‘significantly increase’ the expansion of recycling.

Working with the Wastecare Group, the UK’s largest collector of portable batteries for recycling, the scheme is seeing a more responsible handling of the collected vapes, all containing lithium batteries. The raw materials are recovered and recycled in line with existing disposal rules; the vape batteries are processed to recover the lithium, and the filter and nicotine elements sent for incineration. All these recycling processes take place in the UK.

We hope this scheme will play its part to help vape users dispose in a far more sustainable manner. This is just the start of our ongoing plans; we are fully committed to increasing the rates of recycling. I hope one day every vape user disposes of their vape in the right way.

— Sandy Chadha, Supreme Imports CEO