#VApril 2021 – Support the Switch

Tomorrow (1st April 2021) the latest VApril campaign begins to help raise awareness of the benefits of vaping in the UK and to support smokers in making the transition to a healthier alternative.

Despite many studies and reports, there are still many misconceptions about the safety of vaping amongst smokers. The aim of VApril is to help support the vaping community and encourage others to make a healthier choice and switch.

In a recent report by Public Health England, it has been noted that vaping is now recognised as 95% less harmful than conventional cigarette use and that it has an incredible success rate in getting people to quit smoking compared to other alternatives.

The Supreme brand, 88vape, has played a significant part in the success of vaping in the UK, providing customers with quality products for amazing value for money. As of 2021, more than 10,000 retail outlets in the country stock the famous £1 88vape e-liquid.

Recognised as the UK’s most recognised value vaping brand, 88vape is a great introductory product to vaping for our trade customers as well as trade consumers.

You can help support the VApril campaign by educating your customers on the benefits of vaping.

  • By stopping smoking, you immediately improve your health
    After just 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your heart rate returns to normal, and after just 1 day your risk of a heart attack begins to decrease. After a full year, the risk of heart disease decreases by half, and continues to do so.
  • Vaping the most popular way to stop smoking
    As well as being a healthier alternative, vaping is also the most popular aid used by people wanting to stop smoking. In 2020, almost 30% of smokers started vaping in order to quit.
  • Easily accessible online and in store
    Over 10,000 retail outlets stock 88vape in the UK, making it accessible for all. Corner shops, high street discounters and supermarkets are among some of our biggest customers. You can also shop 88vape online.
  • Vaping is a proven way to stop smoking
    In 2017, over 50,000 smokers in the UK stopped smoking with the use of a vaping product who would otherwise have carried on smoking.

Interested in stocking 88vape? We are able to provide you with all of the selling assets and PoS displays you need! Get in touch with a member of our sales team on sales@supreme.co.uk, or fill out our contact form.

Learn more about VApril here.




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