Brand Name Batteries

Thanks to exclusive agreements with household brands, Supreme is able to supply a variety of wholesale domestic batteries including dry cell, specialist and rechargeable. Our wide range of brands makes Supreme one of Europe’s leading distributors of household batteries with an impressive 20% UK market share.

All of our batteries can be supplied within 48 working hours in retail-ready and tamper-proof packaging to retailers across the globe, ready to go straight on the shelves. We also offer PoS displays for all of our battery brands.

Unrivalled Returns

Brand name batteries offer some of the highest returns per square foot of any consumer product currently on the market. This makes them a guaranteed recession-proof revenue stream for any retailer. Consumers regularly purchase disposable batteries for a wide range of every-day applications sold in most stores, ensuring that sales remain consistent year-round.

To view our full range of batteries, visit our online store, Supreme Offers, or download one of our latest brochures. For private label battery enquiries, please contact us.

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Names you can trust

Supreme’s extensive battery range offers instant name recognition. We carry household battery brands such as Energizer, Duracell, JCB and Panasonic, as well as many more.

We offer a comprehensive range of dry cell, disposable, lithium, specialist and rechargeable batteries that are used worldwide every day. Because of this, the batteries we sell are an attractive prospect to impulse shoppers and complement our other product categories on offer.

Worldwide distribution

Due to our state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facility in Manchester, Supreme are able to supply wholesale batteries direct to customers anywhere in the world. We are able to provide you with batteries in retail-ready packaging, along with the Point of Sale displays you need to start generating immediate returns.

Please speak to a member of our sales team for more information about international distribution and selling.

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