We are announcing today our plans to outline a series of proactive measures within our vaping division, 88vape, with the intent to mitigate the growing rise of underage vaping. We are fully committed to eradicating underage vaping and outline that our core objective has and always will be to support adult smokers to have an affordable and safer alternative to smoking. 

As an industry leader, and to ensure our brands do not create any interest from underage vapers, we announce the following pro-active measures over the coming months, which we believe should be adopted across the UK market. We are delighted to announce our proposed changes.

1. Plain packaging: Packaging across our entire range of 88vape disposables and 10ml liquids are currently being assessed to ensure the use of colour is very limited and the packaging is plain and uniform. We will ensure that the shopper’s experience is not impacted, and the use of colour will be present only to ensure the consumer is able to distinguish one stock item from another.

2. Disposables: 88vape bright coloured disposables will be switched to either plain black, white, or grey hardware with bright colours discontinued at the earliest convenience.

3. Flavours: The naming of flavours will be simplified, for example “Peach Dream” will become “Peach” and “Fruit Crush” will become “Fruit” to avoid any risk of children to be interested in the flavour. Any flavours perceived to be appealing to children will be removed entirely from our range.

4. Age verification protocols: Supreme will increase its due diligence to ensure all our retailers and e-tailers in its network to ensure that they have robust age verification protocols in place. We will no longer trade with those that cannot comply with this requirement.

5. Store location: We strongly recommend to our retailers that vaping products are not located where they can be easily accessed or come into contact with children. Our current plan is for this to come as a soft change meaning no changes to barcode or cost prices. Where products are changing name, we will feature both old flavour and new flavour name on the CDU to help with the short-term merchandising instore. We will be in contact over the coming weeks to arrange a meeting to share our plans in more detail.

We trust you will support us in our initiatives to eradicate underage vaping and should you have any questions, please contact your account representative.

Yours Sincerely,
Luc Badain
Sales Director
Supreme Imports Ltd