We are pleased to share Supreme PLC, a leading manufacturer, supplier, and brand owner of 88vape, has partnered with global vape brand ELFBAR and leading nationwide discounter chain B&M Retail to provide over 700 in-store vape recycling bins arriving in January.

The scheme is the first of its kind to appear in the entire estate of a nationwide retail chain, whereby consumers can dispose of their used vapes, with all three organisers saying the campaign will ‘significantly increase’ the expansion of recycling.

The scheme will also see hazardous waste management provider Wastecare Group in charge of collecting the bins once full and beginning an operation of disposing of the single-use devices more responsibly.

It comes as there is ongoing government consultation over the potential restrictions on single-use vapes.

Sandy Chadha, chief executive officer of Supreme, commented: “Here at Supreme, we always want to be one step ahead, and that’s no different regarding our environmental impact.
“As an organisation, we are continually developing long-term recycling solutions across our whole product portfolio, and we are proud to be further driving recycling of used vapes across the breadth of the UK, in nearly 700 retail stores.”

In working with the Wastecare Group, the UK’s largest collector of portable batteries for recycling, the scheme will see a more responsible handling of the collected vapes, all containing lithium batteries. The raw materials will be recovered and recycled in line with existing disposal rules; the vape batteries will be processed to recover the lithium, and the filter and nicotine elements sent for incineration. All these recycling processes take place in the UK.

A B&M spokesperson said: “B&M welcomes the opportunity to work in a three-way partnership with ELFBAR and Supreme to tackle the ongoing environmental damage occurring by single-use, disposable vaping products.

“We want our consumers to use the products we sell in a responsible manner, and that remains even when they are no longer of use. These new bins offer a convenient and sustainable way for customers to dispose of their vapes. Like many of the other products we sell, vapes should never be binned or littered – especially now they can be so easily recycled.”

Earlier this month, Supreme announced other positive changes it is continually making to ensure vaping products are bought, used and disposed of appropriately.

Sandy continued: “We hope this scheme will play its part to help vape users dispose in a far more sustainable manner. This is just the start of our ongoing plans; we are fully committed to increasing the rates of recycling. I hope one day every vape user disposes of their vape in the right way.”

Eve Peters, director of government affairs for ELFBAR in the UK, said: “Continuing ELFBAR’s commitment to its GreenAwareness programme, this marks another step towards helping the public dispose of used vapes sustainably and responsibly.


“With single-use vapes a favoured option for adults wanting to quit smoking, their popularity has highlighted increasing concerns surrounding recycling challenges and the environmental impact from improper disposal and littering. Our research shows placing vape recycling bins in the stores where the devices sell is the most effective way to boost recycling rates. This trilateral collaboration is part of simplifying the recycling process for consumers and making it more accessible and convenient as part of the shopping experience.”


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About Supreme:


Supreme supplies products across five key categories; batteries, lighting, vaping, sports nutrition & wellness, and branded household consumer goods. The Company’s capabilities span from product development and manufacturing through to its extensive retail distribution network and direct to consumer capabilities. This vertically integrated platform provides an excellent route to market for well-known brands and products.


The Group has over 3,300 active business accounts with retail customers who manage over 10,000 branded retail outlets. Customers include B&M, Home Bargains, Poundland, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Amazon, The Range, Costcutter, Asda, Halfords, Iceland and HM Prison & Probation Service.


In addition to distributing globally-recognised brands such as Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic, and supplying lighting products exclusively under the Energizer, Eveready, Black & Decker and JCB licences across 45 countries, Supreme has also developed brands in-house, most notably 88Vape and has a growing footprint in Sports Nutrition and Wellness via its principal brands SCI-MX and Battle Bites.


About B&M:

B&M is a fast-growing discount retailer, operating from more than 700 high street and out of town stores across the UK, as well as under the B&M brand in France. B&M’s stores in the UK benefit from 5 million visits per week.



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