Since the acquisition of Battle Bites in November 2020, Supreme have been working hard to grow the brand from strength to strength.

Now with 11 different flavours available on our new website,, the brand continues to be recognised up and down the country thanks to our investment in Out Of Home Advertising campaigns.

Battle Bites are also available through Amazon and official Supreme resellers.


So, what are Battle Bites?

Battle Bites are high protein, low sugar, guilt-free triple layered indulgent snack.

Each bar contains two bite sizes pieces, which are made in the Battle Snacks’ bakery here in the UK. Unlike 99% of other bars on the market, Battle Bites are not extruded through high-pressure machines. Instead, our team use a unique baking process to allow the creation of a softer, no-chew texture, that is deliciously indulgent.

Battle Bites are a simple and convenient way to consume additional protein throughout the day without adding unwanted sugar.


Want to work with us?

Battle Snacks is now sold in over 20 countries with this number growing all the time. We are constantly looking for new wholesale partners to work with so please get in touch if you would like to work with Supreme to get Battle Bites listed within your business.


  • One of the fastest-growing low sugar protein snack brands in Europe
  • Whole food ingredients your customers love
  • Highly loved brand in the category
  • Bold, impactful upfront packaging that is on-trend and eye-catching
  • Free shipping available*
  • Floor & countertop displays available
  • Dedicated Customer Service available
  • Ongoing sales & merchandising support


For more information, please contact our sales team on


*subject to minimum order requirements