Research and Development

Supreme takes pride in the research and development behind our products that consumers embrace.

From the first 1.6V rechargeable AA battery on the market to our groundbreaking groundbreaking vaping E-Liquids, our experts are constantly pushing the limits of technology to create fast-selling, profitable products for our customers to sell.

But our Research and Development experts don’t just look forward. They also form the core of our quality assurance department, ensuring the best quality, every time.

Quality Control

Every product range distributed by Supreme has been thoroughly examined and vetted by our QC team.

As a European distributor, we ensure that the products we sell are fully compliant with EU standards and legislation, along with the local regulations of any market we supply to.

What’s more, all of our products are bench-tested against the competition by independent testing houses. So when Supreme Imports makes a claim about a product, that’s a claim that can be backed up with reliable, impartial data.

If you require any information relating to the quality of our products, please get in touch today.

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