The Supreme Brand Family

While Supreme’s main goal remains to act as a B2B distributor providing our clients with products, point of sale displays and reliable supply chains, as we have grown, we’ve partnered with and launched a range of consumer brands.

Each member of our brand family is committed to quality, and is trusted by retailers and consumers alike.

Our Brands

Affordable without compromising on quality, 88vape is Supreme’s entry level vaping range. Consisting of branded ecigarettes and a selection of UK-made eliquids, 88vape products allow retailer to enter the vaping market with a range of low-cost products.

Since its launch in 2014, 88vape has completely revolutionised the vaping market.

The priority of 88vape has always been to create a great quality e-liquid for the best possible price, and we do this by manufacturing our own e-liquids in our state of the art VapeNation lab here in Manchester.

Soon after the launch of 88vape, the range was introduced into many popular high street discount retail stores around the country. This really brought something new to the UK, displaying vaping products on the shelves rather than behind the security barrier behind cashiers.

88vape is now one of the most recognised vaping brands in the country, and this is something Supreme is exceptionally proud of.

If you’d like to join the 10,000 UK retailers that currently stock the 88vape range of eliquids and ecigarettes, please contact our team today.

KiK was Supreme’s first vaping brand to be manufactured at our own vaping manufacturing facilities here in Manchester.

KiK is the no-nonsense, best-selling, premium vaping brand from Supreme and VapeNation.

Every bottle of KiK e-liquid customers purchase has been formulated, tested and bottled by our own specialist team, allowing us to trace each bottle from start to finish of production. KiK’s competitively priced products have been designed for regular users and vape hobbyists and have been fully tested and quality-checked by our in-house team.

We produce over 65 flavours in 5 different strengths under the KiK brand to suit all tastes and devices. From standard e-liquids to MOD Cloud e-liquids, fruit flavours to rich tobacco, KiK has it all.

Supreme has been a proud distributor of Duracell since 1996.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of speciality, rechargeable and high-performance alkaline batteries, Duracell has become an iconic worldwide brand, that is trusted, respected, and a firm favourite amongst our large customer base.

Duracell Ultra Power – Ultra Power is Duracell’s number one longest-lasting battery designed specifically for high-drain devices.

Duracell Plus Power – Engineered to deliver additional power, Duracell Plus Power batteries provide reliable power for everyday devices.

Duracell Simply – The Simply range by Duracell is all about quality at an affordable price, providing good value against other Duracell Alkaline batteries.

Duracell Rechargeable – Charging up to 400 times and guaranteed to last 3 years when not in use, the Duracell Recharge Plus range are designed for regularly used devices.

Speciality, Coin Cells & Hearing Aid Batteries – Whatever your speciality device needs, Duracell hope to have the answer. Supreme stock a variety of Alkaline and Lithium speciality batteries from Duracell.

Duracell Chargers – Supreme stock a selection of Duracell battery chargers, such as the Hi-Speed Value Charger and Hi-Speed Expert Charger, all with a UK plug.

Supreme have provided an extensive Energizer product range to the global market since 1998. From hearing aid batteries, rechargeables and other specialist batteries, Energizer has it all. You can find out more about each Energizer range Supreme Imports stock below:

Energizer Alkaline PowerThe Alkaline Power range from Energizer is designed to be fantastic value for money and give you long-lasting power for basic, everyday needs. The range has a great resistance to leakage and can work in a wide variety of applications.

Energizer Max Plus Alkaline Energizer’s new line of performance alkaline batteries, Max Plus™ is the Longest Lasting Alkaline Battery that provide powerful performance for your devices!

Energizer Max – Energizer Max batteries are designed to give long-lasting energy with absolutely no leaks guaranteed, protecting your devices against any damages.

Energizer Recharge – The Energizer Recharge batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times, which is the estimated equivalent to 5 years battery life. All batteries in the range come pre-charged and ready for use.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium – Nothing outlasts Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ AA batteries. The Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries are not only the #1 longest-lasting AA batteries, they are complete with leak resistance and performance in extreme temperatures.

Panasonic is one of the world’s largest electronic product manufacturers, shipping more than 200 billion batteries to over 120 countries around the globe.

For more than 90 years, Panasonic have been designing batteries most trusted for reliability, safety and performance and their manufacturing process encompasses four key areas – research & development, production, quality control and environmental effort.

The technology in every Panasonic product is driven by extensive research and development as they continue to innovate and change the battery market. Panasonic are committed to designing high quality, high capacity, and high performing batteries, while still retaining great value for money. The entire range is full of top quality products that our customers love and continue to place repeat orders.

Supreme is proud to be a UK distributor for eneloop; the innovative, energy saving and eco-friendly range of rechargeable batteries from Panasonic.

eneloop is a rechargeable battery offering a new lifestyle choice for consumers. Since its launch in 2005, eneloop has revolutionised the rechargeable battery market with its unique features and attractive pricing.

Developed with the concept of sustainability in mind, eneloop encourages a clean lifestyle from repeated use, with a single eneloop* battery charging up to 2,100 times.

One of the main features of the eneloop is that it has a higher voltage level than most competitors. eneloop batteries keep the voltage level steadily over 1.1 Volt and will only just fall under this limit before becoming empty, allowing the consumer to use applications for longer periods of time. Many applications switch off or show the low battery sign if the voltage falls below this limit, which is why traditional Ni-MH batteries have a much shorter run time than the eneloop.

eneloop combines the advantages of dry-cell primary batteries with rechargeables by making the entire range pre-charged, allowing them to be ready for use immediately. Even after 10 years in storage, eneloop batteries retain 70% of their initial charge. If this isn’t impressive enough, eneloop has superior performance at 0°C, and can even be used in temperatures as low as -20°C while still maintaining a low self-discharge rate.

*eneloop pro 

Supreme are delighted to present Energizer’s range of LED lamps and fittings for the domestic and commercial lighting markets. Supreme holds the exclusive global licence for the Energizer lighting collection, which we have now successfully launched in over 20 countries around the world.

Energizer has one of the highest perceived brand trust levels on a global scale for their extensive battery range, and this same reputation now applies to the ever-growing Energizer lighting range too. From strip lights to GU10s, Energizer has it all, and if you find a gap in the range, let us know and we can look at manufacturing it for you!

Having access to world-class product testing, state of the art assembly facilities and placing high-volume orders allows Supreme Imports to adopt a strong pricing structure and FOB options for high retail sales. Designed with the consumer at the forefront, all Energizer packaging is designed in house, incorporating attractive, colourful and informative shelf ready retail packaging.

Alongside our wide range of lighting products, Supreme can also offer branded POS displays for campaign and impulse purchases alike.

Supreme has been the proud brand license owner of PowerMaster since 2011. With over 18 years of lighting experience, the PowerMaster brand offers peace of mind.

Since Supreme began manufacturing PowerMaster products, our aim has always been to remain at the forefront of lighting development and technology. We do this by listening to our customers and partners to meet their needs based on the demands of an ever-changing lighting market. With a professional, dedicated team available to our customers we are able to act quickly and efficiently and are able to deal with any potential order or enquiry.

Our goal is to sustain our phenomenal growth over recent years while not losing focus on our number one priority, which is you, the customer.

The PowerMaster range is vast, covering LED lighting, IP rated lighting, Outdoor lighting, Indoor lighting and Fire Rated Lighting. All PowerMaster products are presented in colour coded packaging, with clear, vibrant imagery to easily communicate to the end customer.


Worth around £800m in 2017, the sports nutrition category is set to continue its exceptional growth pattern to exceed £1bn in 2020. The UK has the fastest growing grocery retail market in Europe, breaking sales of £100m inn 2017. As the consumer demographic for nutritionally balanced foods continues to grow, the category is expected to enter a phase of new mass market appeal.

Mass Market

PureGym are the largest operator of private gyms in the UK, with over 1 million active members and over 235 sites nationwide. Their proposition of a simple, affordable and convenient gym facilities has seen them become a household name in the fitness industry.

Supreme Imports are the exclusive license holder for the brand new PureGym Sports Nutrition range. Supported by the branding of PureGym, this collection of complimentary products is ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle of those who want to maintain a healthy diet.