The Supreme Facility

Our warehouse and office facility is at the heart of everything Supreme does.

In order to distribute products to 50,000 retail points in the UK and thousands more throughout Europe, we need space for stock, a fully integrated system to manage accounts and orders, and office facilities to oversee everything.

At our Trafford Park, Manchester, facility we have everything we need.

The Warehouse

Supreme’s 200,000sq/ft warehouse is fully equipped with state-of-the-art software and systems.

In order to service 12,400 annual accounts, we need to dispatch around 500 orders each day. Our integrated warehouse management system incorporates a range of CRM, stock management and online-ordering functions, allowing our on-site staff to instantly react to orders as they come in.

We know that retailers don’t have time to waste. By streamlining our methods and holding large amounts of stock, we’re able to fulfil orders quickly. In fact, according to our last audit, we were able to deliver 80% of our orders within 24 hours.

With response times like this, it’s easy to see why retailers choose Supreme’s distribution service over spending money on holding excess stock on-site.

The Office

Our operations are overseen from our state-of-the-art paperless office. Here, our account managers are on-hand to assist with your enquiries and orders, while a selection of experts handle everything from product development for our own-label products to the design of professional point of sale displays and shelf-ready packaging.

By keeping as much as we can under our own roof, Supreme is able to guarantee the most important thing of all – the quality of our service.

Our facility also incorporates two areas which are so important that we’ve given them their own pages: The VN Labs manufacturing facility and The Showroom.

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