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Energizer Smart Home is a range of smart LED technology bought to you by household brand, Energizer. Launched in 2020 into high street retailers, Energizer Smart aims to bring the latest in smart technology to homes across the world. Affordable without compromising on quality, the range of products is suitable for everyday use through the power of our app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.

One of the most powerful reasons to invest in the smart home category is the fact that it is the fastest-growing category in the UK at the moment. The new Energizer Smart range has been carefully designed for use in domestic and commercial settings at an affordable price point, without compromising on quality.

All items come in retail-ready packaging, suitable to be sold in any retail or wholesale market.


Smart Homes is one of the fastest growing categories within the UK

The range and type of product offers the end-user a multitude of potential uses & benefits
  • No subscription fees – No hidden costs
  • No wiring – Plug & play
  • WiFi-powered – No additional gateway or bridge required
  • Quick & simple set up – 3 Easy Steps
  • No electrician costs to set up
  • Reduce electricity costs – ensure lights & appliances are not left on when not required by remote app control & scheduling
  • Bulb scheduling offers security by giving the appearance of being at home by scheduling lights to come ON and OFF at pre-set times
  • Multiple users – Add family members with ease
  • Different mood lighting based on warmth, colour & brightness
  • Ideal for disability & mobility issues in the home
  • Remote access – Control from anywhere
  • Plug scheduling offers security by giving the appearance of being at home by scheduling any appliance to come ON and OFF at pre-set times
  • Convenience – this feature allows the convenience to illuminate and power the entire home without lifting a finger

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Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1
    Download the App

  • 2
    Plug in the Appliance

  • 3
    Connect to WiFi

No-Hub | Easy to Connect & Control Streaming Media (IPC) | OTA to Update

Together with Supreme Imports, we believe in the potential of the smart home as the fastest growing category in the UK, but also across Europe. We would like to provide the range of products suitable for everyday use. Through Tuya’s powerful AIoT platform, customers will gain access to a more extensive smart-related product selection, enjoy greater convenience and benefit from superior value.

Sven Buschmann, Head of Business Development, Tuya Europe

No. Wi-Fi
Number of Devices <20(one router)
Gateway No
Speed of Transportation High
Price of Module Middle
Power <15mA

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