Millions & Millions – Launched inpartnership with Davina McCall

Supreme are delighted to announce the launch of Millions & Millions, our newest Vitamin and Minerals brand.

Designed specifically for families with a wide range of products on offer, Millions & Millions has successfully launched in to Poundland, The Range and Savers, and will be available online at our own website and Amazon over the coming weeks.

Proud to be partnered with Davina McCall

To further exhilarate the launch of Millions, we have partnered with Davina McCall, who is the new face of the brand. Davina McCall encompasses everything that Millions stands for; she is loved and known around the country and is an advocate for healthy living and lifestyle.

Later in 2021, we will be running several advertising campaigns with Davina at the heart. These will include;

  • TV advertising
  • Billboards
  • Full social media campaigns
  • Online marketing activity
  • PoS materials available for customers

Millions & Millions Product Range

We have launched with a varied SKU list suitable for sale in a variety of retail outlets.

Vitamin D3 1000iu Glucosamine 500mg Vitamin C 200mg
Vitamin D3 3000iu Magnesium 375mg Vitamin C 500mg + Vitamin D3 26ug (Chewable)
Calcium 400mg + Vitamin D3 200iu Vitamin B Complex Vitamin C 200mg + Zinc 15mg
Zinc 15mg Vitamin B12 High Strength 10ug Kids Multi Vitamin (Chewable)
Fish Oil 1000mg Over 50’s Multi Vitamin + Minerals A-Z Multi Vitamin
Cod Liver Oil 1000mg Pregnancy Multi Vitamin + Minerals Multi Vitamin + Iron
Women’s Multi Vitamin + Minerals Men’s Multi Vitamin + Minerals

If you are interested in stocking our vitamins and minerals in your store, please contact our sales team on for more information.

Keep an eye out on our website, Supreme Offers, for when the products are available for wholesale sales!


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