88vape Outdoor Advertising Investment


Our ‘Delicious’ campaign will reach 1.5 billion impacts over the next 12 months!

Supreme is soon to launch our largest 88vape outdoor advertising campaign across bus rears, mega bus rears, streetliners and 48 digital sheets. This campaign will continue to build our brand awareness while offering support for our retailers who have seen great success in listing our £1 range.

This campaign advertises the delicious taste our e-liquids deliver to the end consumer, alongside the attractive retail price £1.

What’s the difference?

Despite the low cost, our 88vape e-liquids are made from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and we go the extra mile to ensure that all of our products and packaging adhere to the necessary regulations. More importantly, our e-liquids are delicious and our experienced vape staff are always working on exciting new formulations to not only keep up with the industry, but to be the industry leaders.

We are able to achieve this great quality for value for money due to our extensive investment in product development and manufacturing facility. Our on-site manufacturing facility allows us to produce over 200,000 bottles of your favourite e-liquid every day. And because the liquid is made on our premises in Manchester, we are able to keep a close eye on products from start to finish.


The greatest tasting £1 e-liquid

88Vape manufacturer some of the UK’s favourite flavours of £1 e-liquid and sell some of the country’s best-looking vape kits.

We are committed to supporting our brand across the country to help our customers and increase brand awareness. Supreme have invested in several national out of home marketing campaigns with formats including 48 sheets, 6 sheets, bus rears, streetliners, digital screens and national motorway services. This advertising investment supports our customers, driving consumer footfall and brand awareness.

We are looking to further invest in more out of home campaigns throughout 2020.


High quality, affordable price

The 88vape brand offers the taste of freedom to the end consumer…

Freedom from ever-rising cigarette prices. Freedom from questioning the quality, believing price and quality go hand in hand! The 88Vape brand is all about high-quality at an affordable price!

We are committed to providing our customers with all of the tools they need to maximise sales, whether you are an online seller, wholesaler or a corner shop owner. We have online assets available to all sellers as well as access to free display units – CDU’s and FSDU’s.

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